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Tronsmart Speaker - Element T6 Plus Review

Earlier this year a new Tronsmart speaker was released, the Element T6 Plus - an upgrade to the Element T6, marking Tronsmart’s 6th year anniversary.


The Element T6 Plus is a new generation Tronsmart speaker, boasting an impressive maximum output of 40W! Just to make a quick comparison with one of its popular competitors; JBL’s Charge 4 output is 10-watts less at 30W… So, the Element T6 Plus is no push-around!

Dual passive radiators with two 20W full-range stereo loudspeakers provide perfect low-end tunes right through to a hefty deep bass.

Talking of bass, the levels emitted from the Element T6 Plus Tronsmart speaker is surprising for a speaker of this size. The sound can also be modified to your tastes with the option to change between three EQ modes; vocal, 3D deep bass, or extra bass.


One of the main feature upgrades from its predecessor to note is that the T6 Plus is loaded with Tronsmart’s new patented SoundPulse™ technology. This technology enables the Tronsmart speaker to deliver its maximum output of 40W with deepened bass whilst making the vocals clearer and more distinct.

Other features, which are otherwise expected of speakers in its class include; hands-free phone call capabilities, aux-in and TF/Micro SD card connections, plus a USB flash drive connection which can also be used as an output to charge your mobile phone or other small electrical devices.

With a modest battery life, the Tronsmart speaker can last up to 15-hours from a single charge.


Made from premium materials, ABS & Aluminium, the Element T6 Plus is water, dust, and drop proof with an IPX6 water resistant rating. This makes the Tronsmart speaker an ideal accessory to take to the beach, pool, or on trips to the outdoors.

An intuitive volume control wheel enables easy navigation to play/pause music, skip tracks, and make hands-free phone calls. There is also a useful voice assistant offering even further hands-free capabilities.

Installed with Bluetooth 5.0 technology the T6 Plus Tronsmart speaker offers the latest in connectivity options for more stable connection for reduced distortion and superior range.


We really think this Tronsmart speaker is something to consider when pitched against competitors in the same class. For example, in comparison the JBL Charge 4 specifications are on par, if not bettered, by the Tronsmart Element T6 Plus – and you can buy the speaker at less than half the price!

Still looking for an alternative? Read our JBL Charge 4 Review to find out if it really is worth spending the extra money.

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