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Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker

In this article we have reviewed a handful of the best Bluetooth speakers where you can enjoy great sound but with a cheap price tag that won’t break the bank!

So if you're searching for a good quality Bluetooth speaker but struggling to choose one that fits into your budget, we advise you include the following devices for consideration.

Doss SoundBox

Compact and pleasing in shape, with clean lines and a metal grille wrapping around the unit, the DOSS SoundBox possesses surprising build quality.

At such a cheap price you may ask, what are the drawbacks with the sound?

Well, there are none! OK, for its small size you are not going to get the same bass as you would from a larger and superior high end speaker, but at a fraction of the cost the sound is rich, the notes are clear and the bass achieved will surprise you, even at higher volume levels.

The smart capacitive touch control surface on the speaker allows you to easily answer calls, navigate and skip through tracks or alter the volume with your fingertip in a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation around the glowing ring dial in the centre.

Compatibility is good with standard 4.0 Bluetooth technology enabling easy connection to all Bluetooth enabled devices. The Bluetooth connection/disconnection tone is slightly annoying and loud however, but not a deal-breaker!

There is an audio Aux-in port if you prefer to connect directly and also a handy microSD card slot on the back enabling you to play stored music or upload the latest firmware to the speaker.

A respectable 2,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery means you can enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous music without an issue.


- Great build quality & design

- Impressive volume & sound quality

- Smart-touch controls


- Annoying connection tone

This is a good-looking speaker, attractive in each of the 5 different colours available (black, blue, red, white, pink), user reviews give the Doss SoundBox an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars.

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Tech specs:

- Output power: 12-watt

- 2200mAh Li-Ion battery

- Bluetooth 4.0 (up to 33ft range)

- IPX4 Water resistant rating

- Aux-in (3.5mm): Yes

- Microphone: Yes

- Size: 168 x 74 x 68 (mm)

- Weight: 558g

Anker SoundCore

The Anker SoundCore is a fairly priced entry level speaker that isn't flashy but is more than capable of withstanding its fair share of daily abuse, and it’s for this reason it has made it onto our list.

If you are looking for a low priced speaker with a rugged build quality that can withstand travelling with you on a day-to-day basis, then the Anker SoundCore is well worth a recommendation.

Although the SoundCore is not an ugly device, it will not win any beauty contests either! Baring this in mind though, the device still looks neat. The navigation buttons and volume controls on the surface are robust and the device is coated in a matte black rubber which is easy to grip.

The microUSB charging port and 3.5mm aux port can be found on the side of the unit (protected by a water resistant flap) and the front of the speaker is completed with a metal grille.

The biggest surprise with this device is the battery life. Lasting up to 24 hours of continuous playing, you will not need to worry if you forget to recharge the speaker a few times between use. However, it must be noted that there is a slight drawback to this positive.

If you are a bass-lover then you may be left feeling disappointed at the lack in depth, especially when you take the speaker to a more noise polluted area outside, as the sound may feel a little lost. Despite this, the overall sound experience is well balanced throughout the lows-mid-highs, and is not worth disregarding this offering from Anker.


- Impressive 24hour playtime

- Reliable rugged build quality

- 18-month manufacturer’s warranty


- Lacking volume & bass

The Anker SoundCore is available in black, blue or red, with user reviews giving an overall rating of 4.7/5 stars.

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Tech specs:

- Output power: 6-watt

- 4400mAh Li-Ion battery

- Bluetooth 4.0 (up to 66ft range)

- IPX5 Water resistant rating

- Aux-in (3.5mm): Yes

- Microphone: Yes

- Size: 165 x 54 x 45 (mm)

- Weight: 365g

OontZ Angle 3

The Oontz Angle 3 is compact in design with a neat, easy-to-handle triangular shape making it feel different from its counterparts.

Constructed using similar lightweight materials to its competitors it has a modest IPX5 water resistant rating, meaning it cannot be fully submerged in water. However, the plus side for us is that the Oontz Angle 3 is dust and sand resistant, making it an ideal partner to accompany you on holiday or for a trip down to the beach.

Non-slip rubber feet and casing at each end give firm positioning and protection from accidental drops. One end houses the playback & volume controls with the microUSB charging and Aux-in ports concealed by a waterproof rubber flap.

Battery life is average for a device this size with up to 14 hours of playtime, but unlike other speakers there is no audible warning when the battery is running low. The sound will just cut off when you least expect it. However, to conserve battery it does have a nice power-saving feature where it will switch itself off after 15 minutes of no audio input.

The overall sound quality is just above average for its price tag, but as the lightest speaker on our list we were surprised when this played much bigger sound than it looks like it would!


- Long distance range

- Loud for its size

- Perfect for the beach or outdoors


- No low battery warning

The Oontz Angle 3 is available in black, blue, red or white, with user reviews giving an overall rating of 4.4/5 stars.

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Tech specs:

- Output power: 10-watt

- 2200mAh Li-Ion battery (up to 14hrs playtime)

- Bluetooth 4.2 Connectivity (up to 100ft range)

- IPX5 Water resistant rating

- Aux-in (3.5mm): Yes

- Microphone: Yes

- Size: 134 x 71 x 66 (mm)

- Weight: 255g

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